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What to do if whatsapp text message is Red? Know it here!

What to do if whatsapp text message is Red? Know it here!

Received a WhatsApp red coloured chat.

Well in case you have then this is what you need to know first before continuing your conversations. As you know forwarding of suspicious and malicious messages became too often and it has led to many incidents which ultimately not good for society as well as the company.  

Seeing this Whatsapp is coming with its new feature which will help in unveiling these fake messages. The feature is currently under testing and will be available soon. The message will become red if it links to some third party organization triggering the user to avoid a particular link to open.

Whatsapp will make sure to warn the user in every possible way to avoid the repercussions of the current action. Along with this feature, there will be other updates which will enhance user experience and privacy.

The user would have the option to block or add some unknown contact whenever he/she wishes. Group admin would have the authority to stop a member from sending or receiving chats. Along with this if there is a message which is forwarded countless times it will be marked as forwarded the moment it received by you.  

To spread the awareness of viral and fake messages company has decided to run a program under which the researchers who will work to deal with such measures will be awarded a check of $50,000.

The monetary award is unrestricted, which implies that the awardee may utilize the prize amount for any cause.

There were incidents where people accepted the fake messages and we heard reports of mob lynched in Maharashtra was the result of that.

The message which led to this was about a woman who stole parent’s kids when they are away. In some of these incidents, parents who were carrying their child were beaten badly by citizens and local villagers.

These incidents led the government of India to invent measures and put a full stop to such incidents.