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What should you do, when you feel like giving up

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You can feel life sometimes impossible as this is the part of life. Many issues come like mom nags you, relationship go through the conflict, overload of work and many more other problems. Sometimes things get so busy that you want to just crawl into your bed and start crying.

“Maybe you thought are serious because of which you are creating a problem even which don’t exist in reality. It doesn’t matter what situations you are going through it will end soon, problems are not permanent.”

Here are some things which you have to do when you feel like giving up

Don’t overthink as this is one of the major problems due to which you will create the problem which is not even a problem.

Your thoughts are serious, you must have to understand that thought are nothing it just the thinking you have made in your inside world, which is your mind.

Spent some time with your best friend by doing this you will get so much relaxation as best friends has the solution for every problem he/she will try to make you smile by doing the crazy stuff.

Take a shower you will feel so relaxed.

Eat healthy food, you can also eat chocolate it will help you in relaxing your mind.

Hug someone, it’s not necessary that you will hug your lover you can take a hug from a friend, parent or sibling.

Do meditation it will help you in introducing peace to your mind.

Spent the time with those people from which you get the positive vibes.

Understand that thoughts are neutral in nature it depends on you how you take them whether positive or negative.

Do not depend on others for your happiness and don’t expect from others, if you are happy you can make other persons happy no one like the sad people.

Proud of yourself for what you have and stop comparing your life with others.

Live in the present moment don’t think is going to happen in future.

Don’t care about anyone, you have to live your life freely just like a kid.

“Life only comes once, you can heal every breaking with a new hope and obsession in your eyes. God gave you this beautiful be strong enough so that you can fight every war.”