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Whatsapp payment gets request money feature on Android

Whatsapp payment gets request money feature on Android

The WhatsApp Payments of Android beta and this is the rolling out new feature making things work for the best.

This is the feature to help the user request for money from the friends and contacts. This is the WhatsApp ‘Request Money and the feature has gone live on the Android Beta version as part of the app.

The users of the regular Android version may not be able to see it. The Android beta 2.18.113 consists of the live feature. You can see the request money option in the Android beta.

However, you will not find it in the regular Android version on the WhatsApp where the payment feature has been immensely active.

In the current scenario, the WhatsApp payment has been live in India. However, the feature is still beta tested by the company. The payment feature is built on the structure of UPI, the full form of which is Unified Payments Interface.

This will allow for the direct transferring by means of the bank account, and for this, the user should have the UPI ID along with the bank account. The UPI based payments will rely on the SIM verification for the perfect functioning of the feature.

However, for the same, the user needs to have the mobile number linked to the specific bank account. One can even make use of the mobile number with the WhatsApp account for the perfect working of the payment feature.

Thus, it is important to know want is the Request Money feature and how well it works on the WhatsApp Payments. The users should know that Request money is an available option on most of the UPI based payments apps like Google, PhonePe, Tez, Paytm and the rest. This will allow the user in the scanning of the QR code, or one can even enter the UPI ID for making the payment demand.

WhatsApp in the recent time rolled out the entered UPI ID and even scanned the QR code feature for making platform based payments. The same is available on the Android and even on iOS. Request Money comes with the main advantage that the user does not need to be on WhatsApp, and can even maintain a UPI ID with other specific apps.