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Women start driving in Saudi Arabia, their cars burned by men’s

Women car burned in mid road by men’s in Saudi Arabia
A car belonging to a Saudi woman was set on fire by a group of men [Okaz]

Saudi Arabia women get driving license, and men’s are burning cars behaving out of insanity.

The government of Saudi Arabia gets permitted women’s to drive cars recently spreading the flow of happiness among them. Though, some men’s are not happy with the government decision.

Few incidents took place after the decision which creates fear among women’s.

In a specific conflict a woman was minding her own business and driving the car, but the man doesn’t find it happening and burned the women car which flutters the whole situation.

Salma al Shari couldn’t keep calm about this and decided to take action on her own and told Okaz newspaper paper about the situation “I was pleased when government uplifted the ban and to celebrate this I took my parents to a drive and helped them run errands”.

“One day as I was driving to the destination some people came in front of my car and threatened me to stop the car because it was against God’s wish. The next moment they turned my car into junk” She added.

Dubai Informer on Twitter

Two arrested for setting Saudi woman’s car on fire https://t.co/uk5HAzj5aK

Two suspects have been caught for going against the law and acting on their wit. The investigation got proof of burning car whose video was caught on camera before all this happened.

The rumours were spreading about such men’s who are not able to digest this news, but such actions are not a way to show their anger.

It is said to see there is a diversifying unit living in who call themselves men’s for such actions. Saudi Arabia is famous for their strict laws, and these actions are violating there management and authority over citizens.