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World to end in 2018? Nibiru to come and destroy the world

World to end in 2018?Nibiru to come and destroy the world

The conspiracy theorists are of the opinion that the world would come to an end in the year 2018.Nibiru would be responsible for bringing about an end to this world.

According to the astronauts of the ancient times, it is believed that their inhabitants who are actually liable to make us what we are today.

What is Nibiru?

Nibiru is a mysterious planet that can also be referred to as Planet X. This planet will come close to the earth and will create all sorts of drama. To know more about this theory you can surely go through the discussion below:

What is the theory related to Nibiru?

It is believed that Nibiru is a planet that is inhibited by an unfamiliar race known by the name of Anunnaki. These aliens came to the world in search of gold and other valuable minerals. But they were too lazy for it.

It is for this reason that they blended their DNA and formed a new race called human beings. According to the theories present in the different history books, it is believed that it is these aliens who came to this human world and completely changed the life of human beings.

It was initially believed that the earth would be destroyed on the 23rd of September. However, later this date was postponed to October 15th and then to November 20th. But the earth did not come to an end in those days.

There are now certain other believers who are of the opinion that this Nibiru is a planet and it is four times larger than the earth. It is now said that since it is so large in size so it will come into the solar system and will bring an end to the earth.

It is also said that there would be certain electromagnetic pulses that would enter earth from this planet. These electromagnetic pulses would shut down the electrical system of the earth and destroy the infrastructure completely.

It is also believed by theorists that this will also increase the natural calamities like an earthquake.